How to Update Chipset Drivers on Windows 10? Complete Guide

Windows 7 and 8 provide driver updates via Windows Update, too, but Microsoft is being much more aggressive about this in Windows 10. Even if you install your own hardware drivers, Windows sometimes automatically overwrite them when a new version is available. Windows is pretty good about not overwriting things like graphics drivers, though—especially if you’ve got a utility from the manufacturer that keeps up with updates. Once the download is complete, open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver. Updating your graphics driver regularly can improve system performance, prevent crashes, and fix compatibility issues. By keeping your graphics driver up to date, you can ensure that your system runs smoothly and is compatible with the latest software. Bit Driver Updater is the best option to instantly update all outdated PC drivers with a few mouse clicks.

Once you are inside the Device Manager, right-clicking any of the above sections can bring you to the driver tab, also known as the updates tab. GPUs, when used for rendering demanding physics pieces, running lines of code, or generating RTX-enabled shadows in the latest AAA titles, need to be updated constantly. Before we begin, note that, while most of the screenshots are taken in Windows 7, the steps should be almost identical in Windows Vista, and will be very similar in Windows XP. Before shortlisting the perfect one, it is also suggested to consider a few other factors as well such as ease of use, customer support, and user reviews.

Procedures on Driver’s Licenses

Visit Intel’s website, navigate to Support – Downloads & Drivers. Choose Automatically Find Drivers & Software, Browse for Drivers, or Graphics Drivers. Search by filters (generation of processor, drivers, OS) and click on the desired driver from the list. This way is relevant in regards to no-name devices, copies of devices or other devices that have to work with the OS. So, we use the Device Manager, as mentioned above, select our Bluetooth device and copy its ID. Some troubleshooting steps involve uninstalling the driver or rollback. The latter simply means going back to a previous version of the driver.

How to install Mouse drivers

DRIVERfighter is available in both variants i.e., free and paid versions. However, the free version only lets you retrieve the free space and find obsolete drivers. So, to update the old drivers, you need to rely on its pro/full version. Apart from that, DRIVERfighter also keeps a track of all the updates applied to the users’ PC enabling them to roll back to the older version of drivers if required.

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The drivers are responsible for telling Windows exactly how the device can be physically found and what resources it uses to function properly. Sometimes outdated or incomplete drivers prevent our systems from working properly. So, in this regard, it’s necessary to have updated drivers in our operating systems, like Windows 11/10, to operate correctly. If you fail to update your drivers, it can lead to bigger problems. Apart from missing out on new features or performance upgrades, your device may be susceptible to threats such as hacks or viruses and may even stop it from working at all. In addition, if you don’t update the driver of a critical component of your computer, like the motherboard or video card, your computer may become inoperable.

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  • For instance, if you are screen recording on Windows 11, you would want to have updated graphics and audio drivers, so the screen recording does not look choppy and your voiceover is recorded properly.
  • But if Windows finds new drivers, they will be updated in a few seconds.
  • One thing to keep in mind before installing this program is that it requires a paid license as its free version only gives you a taste of the full suite of abilities.
  • This time, though, it seems like the Windows 11 22H2 update is causing major issues for gamers equipped with Nvidia graphics cards.

This how-to guide will walk you through the steps to installing missing device drivers on Windows 11. With dedicated driver update software, you can manage all your drivers simply by selecting the outdated ones individually or all at once. More so, you can automatically repair broken drivers or find missing ones in no time. If the problem is related to a specific device (Sound Card, Graphics Card or any other device), you can follow the steps below to update the driver software for that specific device. Windows will now look for drivers in the specified location and install all the compatible and necessary ones on your system. You should be able to install drivers from devices that are completely absent from the Device Manager this way.

If the latest drivers from the manufacturer continue to experience screen flickering problems, you could try to install an older version of the driver. Although an older driver version may not include the most up-to-date changes, it may sometimes operate better on your hardware configuration.

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